Friday, April 06, 2007

GL Construction Site Du Jour: 63 Roebling

63 Roebling Fence

We've featured this site before, when a pile driver showed up and started banging away and noted that Williamsburg No. 1 architect, Karl Fischer, is designing the new building. (Along with what seems like half the buildings in the neighborhood, with the other half coming from the offices of Robert Scarano. Just kidding. But not entirely.) In any case, as we wandered by the site--which we are watching for a bunch of reasons, some of which have to do with the Roebling Oil Field--we noticed that 63 Roebling qualified for GL Construction Site Du Jour status. Why? Because the gate was left open wide enough for a child or thin hipster to go pay in the mud and wander amidst the field of creosote soaked poles scattered all over the property. Good work, 63 Roebling.

63 Roebling Three

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