Friday, April 27, 2007

Is It Still a Coney Island Whitefish If It's In the Gowanus?

Earlier this week, we posted an excerpt of an email from the Urban Divers about last weekend's Gowanus Canal cleanup. It mentioned that a lot of "sanitary items" were in the canal after the recent Nor'easter. Ariella Cohen fills in some of the detail in this week's Brooklyn Paper. Apparently the, um, sanitary items included a lot of condoms. In fact, "a record number of condoms." We're not sure who keeps this record or how, but we'll assume Ms. Cohen is correct in describing Ms. Cohen explains that "the explosion in the population of 'Coney Island whitefish.'"

So, our question is, if it's in the Gowanus Canal is it still a Coney Island Whitefish or is it a Gowanus Canal Whitefish?

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[Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Paper]



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