Saturday, April 14, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

(We're starting "On the Sofa" as a new feature to capture some of the most compelling comments left by our readers on items that we post.)

Community Board Six Rejects Sixth & Seventh Ave. One-Way Proposal, Punts on 9th Street Bike Lanes: "Wait, Bill DeBlasio got a 'commitment' from the NYPD that they will not ticket cars double-parked in the bike lane? What?? What is the point of having a bike lane if it's essentially legal to park in it? Then bike riders have to continually swerve in and out of the bike lane to avoid parked cars -- that is totally unsafe and defeats the whole purpose of the bike lane, doesn't it? Why do people think they have a right to double-park?" [Anonymous]

Whole Foods Still Giving Park Slope the Cold Shoulder: "...they are more than willing to pick up their toys and go elsewhere if the vital goal of parking is not realized. A "green roof" would certainly jeopardize the goal. Indeed, if my past experience is any guide, the idea has got to be anathema to the company." [David]

Trolley Tracks on Union Street in Carroll Gardens: "The trolley tracks at Union and Smith sat partially exposed in their asphalt grave for years until the mid '90s, when the city 'renovated' Smith Street by replacing the inferior lighting, smoothing over cracked and dangerous sidewalks, and covering up the tracks. This in turn, led to the revival of the street as a commercial destination (albeit eventually swarming with restaurants replacing mom and pops and shuttered businesses) not just during the day but in the evenings as well." [Anonymous]


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