Friday, April 27, 2007

PM Update: Ratner Workers Call Cops & Keep Working

The Prospect Heights demolitions being done by Forest City Ratner and the falling parapet situation at the Ward Bakery Building continue to be interesting today.

1) This morning the ESDC called a halt to demolition activities, but apparently, the call was ignored, at least as late as 3:00PM when workers were reported to still be working at 191 and 193 Flatbush Avenue near 5th Avenue. DDDB has had its eyes on the properties and asks, "Suspend means suspend, no?" Apparently not.

2) Atlantic Yards Report's Norman Oder called the ESDC, and the agency's Errol Cockfield says more oversight is coming. "There have been exhaustive plans under way for some time to provide increased oversight for the Atlantic Yards project," he told AYR.

3) Forest City Ratner demolition personnel apparently called the police on a press conference today. No Land Grab reports:
Forest City Ratner contractors doing god-knows-what at the Ward Bakery building called the police to report that a demonstration without a permit was in progress. Officers, as promised, responded to the scene midway through the press conference. CBN Co-Chair Candace Carponter told the officers that the "demonstration" was in fact a press conference, and that approximately half the "protesters" were actually reporters. Officers left the scene without making any arrests.
To think, it otherwise would have been a dull and dreary Friday.

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