Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Roebling Oil Field Building Rising, but Site Still Slimy

Roebling Oil Field Building Rising

Part of McCarren Park Mews--AKA the Roebling Oil Field--is about to hit the three-story mark. The oil underneath that part of the building is but a hidden memory now, although there are test wells in the street out front to keep the reality of the oil field alive. However, the western end of the site is still serving up little reminders of the slime that is beneath. Construction of the end of the building closest to the heavy oil seepage got underway even as the western end of the site was still being excavated and remediated. Interesting.

As we were shooting these photos a Hasidic gentleman pulled up in car and asked, "Is something wrong?"

No, we said, we were just looking around.

Which is true. We've been looking around the Roebling Oil Field since we first noticed the stench of oil last fall. We're going to miss it when all the visible oily goop and toxic slime is gone and we can no long take photos like the one below, which was shot less than 48 hours ago.

Roebling Slime 0422

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