Saturday, April 21, 2007

There Really is a Sludgie (and Its Creator Cuts Killer Farts)

Sludgie Pillow

[Photo courtesy Secret Agent Josephine/flickr]

So, we're mucking around looking for photos of our beloved Sludgie, the deceased Gowanus whale and what do we find? A Sludgie the Gallbladder Pillow. First, we find photos of said Sludgie on flickr. Then, we follow the trail o' clickage over to the creators blog, Secret Agent Josephine. What we find out is:
They are so cute! I’m totally in love with my little Sludgie character. He’s almost worth all the pain and sickness and surgery I had to go through. He’s almost worth the deadly stinky farts I now suffer from. Yeah, you guys didn’t tell me about that. Who says you don’t need a gallbladder. You do! Gallbladders regulate the smelliness. Oh. My. Goodness. Is there anybody out there who knows what I’m talking about? I practically kill my own self when I fart these days. What is up with that! Ugh.
You can check out the full Sludgie flickr set here. The latest Sludgie blog entry is dated April 18, the day our Sludgie died. C'est triste.



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