Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Will Mr. Ratner Document His Sol LeWitt Wall Paintings?

Renowned muralist and sculptor Sol LeWitt died on Sunday at the age of 78. Among other things, Mr. LeWitt was famous for his wall paintings. Develop Don't Destroy notes that there are at least two wall paintings by Mr. LeWitt at 644 Pacific Street, which is slated to be demolished by Forest City Ratner in coming weeks. DDDB writes:
In that building, once occupied by one of Mr. LeWitt's studio assistants, are at least two wall paintings by the artist. The building is in the list of the first round of demolitions the developer intends to begin in the coming weeks. Yesterday we spoke with Sol LeWitt's art business manager who told us that the works need not be preserved but really should be photographed.
So, these wall paintings should be photographed for historical documentation and the Sol Lewitt catalogue.

We call on Forest City Ratner to ensure that this happens and provide the photographs to the LeWitt collection.
The ball is in Forest City Ratner's court.


Blogger Rex said...

In the beginning were the Downtown Brooklyn Plans, and then the came the Program for the Vanderbilt Yards.

The Plan was without good form, and the Program made so a great void that darkness and gloom was upon the faces of the people.

They spoke unto the Community Leaders, saying, "This is a Crock of Shit, and it stinks";

And the Community Leaders went unto the Elected Officials, and he spoke unto them saying, "It is a Crock of Feces, and none may abide the Odor thereof;

And the Elected Officials went unto the Deputy Mayor, and he spoke unto him saying, "It is a Container of Excrement, and it is very strong, such that none may abide before it;

And the Deputy Mayor went unto the Mayor, and he spoke unto him saying, "It is a Vessel of Fertilizer, and none may abide its strength;

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And the Director went unto the Governor, and he spoke unto him saying, "It promotes growth, and it is very powerful;

And Governor the went unto the Leaders of the Legislature, and he spoke unto them saying, "This potent and vigorous Plan will promote the Growth of the City;

And the Legislature looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good, and ordered its Implementation forthwith.

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