Monday, May 21, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Williamsburg Edition

Brick Oven Gallery

1) If you're a fan of the Brick Oven Gallery on Havemeyer Street, you've probably noticed that it's been closed for a few weeks. It's always been one of our personal favorites for a pizza in Williamsburg and we're fans of its "Brooklyn Caviar." In any case, we went past it again yesterday to find that it's still closed due to permit and plumbing problems. Originally, the sign in the window had a reopening date and a couple of weeks that was crossed out and replaced by "?". Another victim of the post-Taco Bell Rat Fest Department of Health Get Tough Witch Hunt? We're thinking the answer is most definitely a big yes. (By the way, if the Department of Health is looking for places with some real issues, we know a pizza restaurant in Park Slope that's very popular with the stroller set that has a little bit of a mouse problem. We've been in there twice in the last six weeks or so later in the evening when it's quieter and have seen a mouse scampering across the floor both times.)

2) Looks like the storefront on Bedford Avenue that the Toll Brothers have been selling North 8 condos from for nearly a year has been rented. At least, the "for rent" sign has been off the building for a couple of weeks. Anyone know what will open there when the Toll Brothers leave?

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