Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cool Trash Cans in Coney Island

Nice Trash Cans

We don't know who produced them, but the Coney Island boardwalk is sporting some very cool and colorful trashcans for the summer season. That's one of them above. They're all painted with different designs and look like they're the handiwork of a local school. Very, very nice. Now, we can only hope that the city does a better job of picking up the trash than in years past, because most weekend days, the boardwalk trash situation is utterly nauseating. We know he Doe Fund has a contract to provide some cleaning services as it does in other district's, so here's hoping this year's agreement allows for more frequent pickups. It's needed. On the weekends, every trashcan on the boardwalk is overflows with trash and everything from paper plates and empty plastic bottles to half-eaten slices of pizza and cobs of corn end up everywhere. Yes, we know, picky, picky.



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