Friday, May 04, 2007

Finger Building Developer in the News

We were fascinated by this My9 News investigative report the other night about Brooklyn developer Mendel Brach and his condo project on Spencer Street in Bed-Stuy. (We located it via IMBY's post.) So, we were interested to find that someone had posted it on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, it's absolutely worth a viewing. Four stars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a bunch of loosers ,you cannot see people developing and building new york just google "developers" etc. and you will find people like you, complaining on almost every project, no matter where, park slope, village etc,, especialy when you see a jewish name...if you have a problam you can live in the bushes will have no buildings there - regarding this particular case first of all channel 9 said he said he would call in a half hour , if you re,listen he never said that- he said if you will give him a half an hour he will talk to his p r company and make himself available , thats after jumping on sombody from behind..----regarding the building itself these people each will be able to sell their apartmant for $ 150,000.00 to $400,000.00 more then what they baught it !!!!! they doubled their money not bad!!! --regardin things to be fixed as i said before there are 100,S of projects that buyers try to take the developers for a ride thinking they made a fortune do you know that today the cost to develop a square foot is 300 a foot for the developers call up any developer and ask them that is hard and soft cost and that is besides purchase price for the land for all you know the 25mil was almost the cost of the project , you get excited seeng those numbers so you chew on the developers --all i saw on the picture was a plug pulled out by sombody from the wall --how come they didnt show their apartments from inside??? because it is beutiful and they paid cheap 350-450 a foot ---so stop putting down people and the main thing he never lied he said he promises to make himself availeble with his p r company wich he propably did , just the media wouldnt air it , besides the fact that they themself said he is trying to fix the issues , so get a life out there

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