Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gowanus Rising: $3.75M at Fourth Ave. & Third St.

Parkside Auto Repair

While we don't note every piece of property that's up for sale in Brooklyn, we'd been meaning to do a post about Parkside Auto Repair at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Third Street. We remember, back in 2002, when the owner of the auto shop asked us if we thought his corner would be a good spot for a Red Lobster because he sensed the neighborhood's time was arriving.

In the year since then, some people started referring to Gowanus as G-Slope, and it looks like our erstwhile mechanic abandoned his Red Lobster dream. A reader went looking and found that the asking price for the property is a cool $3.75 million. The lowdown from the Massey Knakel website:
Mixed-Use Investment Buildings,Outer Boroughs. A 20,000 buildable square footage. All commercial uses permitted with the exception of use group 15 (amusement park facility). Ideal retail location. A prime corner vacant lot on booming Fourth Avenue. Property adjacent to Staples, Pep Boys and just one block from the future Whole Foods Market. Asking Price: $3,750,000.
You never know, it could still end up being a Red Lobster, serving up seafood to residents of the Novo Park Slope, guests at Hotel Le Bleu and all the other buildings sprouting on Fourth Avenue. Sorry, though, as our reader pointed out, no Tilt-a-Whirl on Fourth Avenue.



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