Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ikea Opponents Strike at Great Wall of Red Hook Again

Ikea Sign Is Gone Again

[Photo courtesy of Chris Curen]

The Great Wall of Red Hook has gone through many phases, some of which reflect the unhappiness of some residents about the retail behemoth rising in their midst. Red Hook correspondent Chris Curen reports that, among other thing, that sign that appeared, disappeared and reappeared that proclaims Ikea's investigation of a filled-in graving dock has now disappeared again. He writes:
The news that the IKEA site is going to be garnished with a 70,000 sq. ft. Bed Bath and Beyond didn't seem to go over too well in Red Hook. A few days after somebody (who, to judge from the lettering was either pretty liquored up or pretty nervous) spray-painted "Happy Is The Nation With No History," on the Big Blue Wall of Red Hook, somebody else took issue with the famous Corp of Engineers mandated "Celebrations of IKEA's Preservationist Tendencies Historical Marker." Curiously, it took two days to cover the spray-paint, while The Corp sign remains in tatters.
You can check the background on "the sign" here, here and here. We await the sign's reappearance.

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