Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Markowitz to CB6 Purge Victims: You Never Call, You Never Write

The CB6 story reverberates today with Borough President Marty Markowitz's first official statement since he, Council Member David Yassky and Council Member Bill de Blasio purged nine members over (a). their votes on Atlantic Yards or (b). the upcoming Gowanus rezoning. Jotham Sederstrom has Mr. Markowitz's comments in today's Daily News:
You can cross Marty Markowitz if you want, but give him a courtesy call first.

Following a week of public scrutiny for his decision not to reappoint nine Community Board 6 members, the borough president vehemently denied his actions were in retaliation for their opposition to aspects of the Atlantic Yards project.

"I was not given the courtesy by the members of this board to contact me -- as the person who appoints them -- and say, 'Marty, we want to vote against Atlantic Yards,'" Markowitz said.

He goes on to say, "If my intention was to be vindictive, and to make sure that everyone that voted against Atlantic Yards was to be removed, you understand I had the power to do that."

He also says: "I'm not going to say I don't have a temper every now and then, but overwhelmingly I don't. But I was not happy about the community board's vote. I've made no pretention about that.
Well, that clears things up.

[Photo of Mr. Markowitz at the BWAC show in Red Hook courtesy Gowanus/flickr]



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