Monday, May 07, 2007

More Rumors About Gargiulo's Moving in Coney Island

Last time we checked in on Gargiulo's, the Italian eatery in Coney Island, there was a story in late December that Thor Equities had bought the property. The same day, a source called us to say the published report was wrong and a follow-up "nevermind" was published, along with suggestions from the owner that someone was trying to sabotage his business. Well, the rumor mill is buzzing again, this time courtesy of the Coney Island Message Board, which is where a lot of the juicy information originates. In any case, a posting notes an "unconfirmed rumor" that "Gargiulo's is moving," although it is clearly noted as a "rumor" and as something heard via "the grapevine." The poster known as Sandcastle writes:
Rumor mill is heating up again. Is Gargiulo's moving to another location in Coney Island? Can anyone confirm this rumor and give a date when this is expected to happen? Is anyone willing to go have lunch or dinner there and confirm this rumor? This is almost unbelievable!
While we would fully expect another denial, the rumor is interesting in that Gargiulo's occupies a parcel of land that any number of developers (including Thor Equities) would likely be interested in acquiring. The Shore Theater is also on the same block.

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Blogger Unknown said...

omg wow, i live next to gargiulos and I've asked them plenty of times since the rumor came out, if its true. The owners would keep saying theyre not moving. I do hope theyre not lieing =[

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