Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Williamsburg Marketing Fun: Is 20 Bayard Radical?

Radical and Chic

Oh, how we love Williamsburg marketing efforts. This is about a new one for 20 Bayard, which is one of the Karl Fischer Row buildings overlooking McCarren Park. We guess we've grown so used to 20 Bayard that we don't react to it with the same revulsion as some onlookers, who do not like it one bit. (We're not saying we like it, mind you.) In any case, the new ad campaign is related by the Maud Newton website:
Choosing just one winner for the Greatest McCarren Park Eyesore Award is 20 a strong contender.

Work there has proceeded through a partial stop-work order, and now the subway ad campaign has begun.

Dana reports (in email):

Today on the 7 train (man, I wish I’d taken a photo) I saw a poster for a new Wbgh development called 20 Bayard. Ever seen it? It has four portraits, vaguely Warholesque, of a Hasid, a hipster, a white couple… I can’t remember it exactly. But the tagline! The tagline was: Williamsburg: Radically Chic, Chicly Radical.
Dear God. Say it ain't so.

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Blogger Gary said...

Ha! I saw that poster on the F train this morning and wished for my camera. It looks like a parody or spoof ad . . . I had to shake the sleep out of my head to be sure it was real.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Miss Heather said...

If "radical" means incredibly fucking ugly, yes, 20 Bayard is indeed "radical".

What's up with that vaguely Zodiac Killer-looking symbol on the top of this thing? I'd love to hear Mr. Fischer's explanation as to what that thing is. I for one propose that it be used as a bull's eye for a RPG.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee now drunk white post college frat boy types in the ad campaign? Don't they like ads that kiss their ass? humm cause that's who they want to buy these overpriced condos on brownfield sites who are dumb enough to think they will get laid more if they move here....well maybe if they bring their own Trixie. And the old old locals smile and think More white boys to mug, more white boys cars to bash, and hell no they won't be playing football on our soccer field.

9:19 PM  

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