Sunday, May 06, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we highlight GL's reader comments. Here's a selection of some of them from the last seven days:

Sad Anniversary: A Year After the Greenpoint Terminal Market Fire. "Yes, it was the biggest NYC fire in ten years (excepting 9/11), and yes, the hobo they framed got off without punishment, but anybody who cares about those dumpy old historic buildings must have money invested in rival Brooklyn developments." [Robin]

Wallabout is Ready to Happen. "...the biggest enemy is the stiff breeze off the river that is usually in your face in the colder months on your way home. Not bad at all. What Wallabout will need, eventually, is a more full service grocery store someplace along Flushing Ave., once the Brig site residents and others start coming to the nabe in serious numbers. The Associated on Myrtle just does not cut it for any serious population, and the Pathmark at Atlantic Ave. is too far away." [SunnyReiser]

More Roebling Street Oil Wells Drilled. "Are thousands of people in Williamsburg dying from the toxic vapors and the poisoned drinking water, or are those lies just reserved for Greenpoint. Hey, where are all those blogs about the toxic Willimsburg nightmare. I guess the Williamsburg bloggers are too busy lying about Greenpoint to work them into their schedules. The truth hurts." [Anonymous]

Park Slope 9th St. Bike Lanes Provoke Anger Again. "I have so much trouble understanding why someone would be against a bike lane on a street where drivers are constantly endangering pedestrians and cyclists. I have ridden my bike down 9th Street by necessity in the past, and I always regret it. Getting pushed off the road by a dump truck is no fun." [Dalton]



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