Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paperwork is In on the Bedford Avenue Quadriad Site

It looks like work is going to start soon on part of the Quadriad development site in Williamsburg. You know the one: that vast, ugly empty lot between N. 3rd Street and N. 4th Street along Bedford Avenue. Quadriad has hatched a variety of, um, interesting plans for the parcel, the most riveting of which involve buildings up to 30 stories tall that would require a re-rezoning of the parcel, which falls under the neighborhood's 2005 downzoning. The developer has applied for a permit for a five story building with 75 units, but the record also shows that it is part of a plan that would also include "2 towers and 16 townhouses." The "two towers," of course, are the possibly controversial part of the Quadriad scheme. As previously conveyed by Brooklyn11211:
Quadriad is proposing to build more or less to the as-of-right envelope on Bedford Avenue (5 to 7 stories), and to develop "townhouses" along North 3rd. At the corner of Berry and North 3rd, Quadriad is proposing a 20-story tower (the not as-of-right part of the project that would require a rezoning). The numbers - roughly - are 250 units total, with 90 of those set aside for affordable housing (both rental and condo). (A strictly as-of-right project would yield 80 market-rate units, so in order to generate 90 units of affordable housing, they need to more than triple the number of housing units in the project.)
The work is projected to start in August and a formal request for a zoning change to build the towers is likely in July.

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