Monday, May 07, 2007

Park It Here: More Bike Racks for Park Slope


Look for up to 18 new bike racks to be coming to Park Slope, mainly on Seventh Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Union Street and 9th Street. The new racks will be the product of footwork done by the Park Slope Civic Council, which has worked to identify local businesses that will accept bike racks in front of their stores or restaurants. The city will actually pay for and install the bike racks. Among the establishments that will have new bike racks are La Villa on Fifth Avenue, C-Town on Ninth Street, Rice Thai on Seventh Avenue, Ozzie's on both Fifth and Seventh Avenues and Pizza by the Park on Third Street. The Park Slope Food Coop, which suffers from a shortage of bicycle parking (in addition to regular parking issues), will be getting added bike racks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't try riding those bikes on 9th Street. The Ninth Street Block Assocation needs to be able to double-park. And they have too much traffic congestion -- and they want to keep it that way, dammit!

2:35 PM  

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