Saturday, May 26, 2007

Park Slope Food Coop Blog Active Again

Food Coop Blog

After being sleeping the sleep of the dead blog for a long time, the Park Slope Food Coop blog seems to have sprung back to life. On and off, it's had new entries for the last month or so. Why should one look? Information like this, of course, in re the Fourme D'Ambert:
Even self-professed haters of blue fall for this gentle, voluptuous, curdy beauty. Critics call it Saga for Grownups, but the good stuff is miraculous: rich, thick, liberally pocked cylinders of blue beneath a smooth, firm rind smelling of cave. Milky yet complex, leathery and earthy, it has none of the fierce residual pepper of better-known Roquefort. Go light and sweet, with thin slices of pear and a Tawny Port.
Or this information in re the olives:
It's a sad day in the Olive Case. For the past few weeks, we've been carrying a mix of Cornichons, Garlic and Green Olives. Judging by the astronomical sales figures, many PSFC shoppers have been partaking of this mix. This morning, we discovered that the Cornichons, Garlic and Green Olives mix contains MSG. MSG is an additive that the Coop chooses not to carry.
Keep the information coming.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Coop doesn't carry MSG?
How about YES? I want to see the Yankees, even though some of them allegedly got their strength artificially?
Do they carry ESPN?
The Fox Soccer Channel?

8:01 PM  

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