Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ratner & Gehry's Coney Visit: Cheese Fries & Condos?

You thought that a reported visit to Coney Island by Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry to allegedly have a hot dog at Nathan's would go unnoticed? No, it hasn't. While it hasn't caused a frenzy of speculation, it has led to some interesting thinking out loud. On the Coney Island Message Board, the poster known as Switchback writes:
If Sitt is actually interested in building at Coney then he would need to bring in a partner or partners that would actually do all the building while all Thor would really do is provide the property and get the zoning changes. If what Sitt was really after was to put the land back on the market the second he got the desired zoning changes then he would need buyers lined up. Either way you will probably be seeing every developer from Ratner to Trump taking a tour of Coney as a prospective area to build more condos in.
Mr. Trump, you might recall, is said to be interested in a Brooklyn project if he finds one "worthy" of the "Trump name." There would certainly be irony in the return of Trump fils to the place where Trump père invited people to throw rocks through the glass of Steeplechase Park to start the demolition. You should also check out Kinetic Carnival's thoughts about what Brooklyn's Dynamic Development Duo were up to in Coney. They couldn't possibly have gone to Coney Island just to eat some hot dogs, could they?

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