Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Room 58: Writer's Space at BAG in Gowanus

The Brooklyn Artist's Gym in Gowanus is opening a shared space for writers called Room 58. Here is some information from the email we got about it yesterday:
In a corner of Brooklyn Artists Gym's shared studio space for visual artists is Room 58, a new workspace designed specifically for journalists and other research-based writers. Behind the door marked 58 are actually two rooms, an outer office area with desks, fax, printer, research materials and file storage, and an inner quiet room with eight individual cubicles and a couple of nice views of Manhattan.

"For some of our writers, telephone work is essential to what they do," says Scott Adkins, co-founder of Park Slope's popular Brooklyn Writers Space (BWS) and partner in the new Room 58/BAG venture. "BWS is a great quiet environment for writers of all genres. But for those writers who also need traditional office capabilities, Room 58 is ideal."

Down the Slope on the third floor of 168 7th Street, BAG is a hub of creative enterprise. In addition to a large, well-lit studio with room for visual artists to work at any given time, BAG offers a newly renovated gallery space, open figure drawing sessions and a variety of workshops on subjects from beginning bookbinding to accordion folds. The creative energy at BAG is palpable, with exciting possibilities for cross-pollination between artists and writers.
The fee for Room 58 is $375 per quarter, plus a one-time $65 initiation fee. More information here. Writing space in Gowanus, people!



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