Saturday, May 26, 2007

South Slope Construction Brings Added Joy: A Dust Storm!!!

For those of you that want a fix of construction fun this Memorial Day weekend, we highly suggest the video above, posted by South Slope blogger IMBY, who has carefully chronicled the quality of life horror that has unfolded at 15th Street and Eighth Avenue as a massive pit has damaged adjacent buildings and seriously attacked the quality of life of neighbors. Much of the initial damage happened with little intervention from the city's Department of Buildings. IMBY writes of the big South Slope Dust Storm:
That's one dusty mother fucker...One of many fuckin' loads o gravel delivered into the 3 story deep pit as they get ready to "construct" the concrete base. What ever happened to that Partial Stop Work Order restricting all work within 25' of 1504's backyard? "Twentyfive feet, I couldn't see twentyfive god damn inches!"

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