Monday, May 07, 2007

Will Trash Stink Mess Up Brooklyn Park?

So, who would spend millions of dollars on a park on Gravesend Bay while opening a trash transfer station nearby? New York City.

At issue is the proposed new Dreier-Offerman Park. We'll let the Bay News pick up the narrative:
The city is spending millions to renovate a Brooklyn park – and open a trash facility on a nearby lot.

While local residents and politicians are overjoyed that the dilapidated Dreier-Offerman Park will finally get a $40 million makeover, they’re concerned about how future parkgoers will be impacted by the presence of the proposed Southwest Brooklyn Converted Marine Transfer Station. The facility would be built at 1824 Shore Parkway, while the park runs from Bay 44 – 49 streets between Shore Parkway and Gravesend Bay.

“I’m afraid that these wonderful plans that the mayor has [for Dreier-Offerman Park] are going to be blocked and inhibited by the devastating effects that the waste transfer station is going to have,” said Assemblymember William Colton.

Those “effects” are odors emanating from the trash collected at the station – the site will not be a landfill but rather a facility connecting trucks carrying garbage and the barges that will transport the refuse.
Of course, the trash transfer station backer say it will have state-of-the-art odor elimination systems. Do read the rest of the potentially stinky tale.

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