Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Brooklyn Tour de Scarano

Scaranos copy

The name Robert Scarano has appeared here so many times in the last several weeks and the Brooklyn architect has had a rally called held in opposition to his work. City Council Member Bill de Blasio is singling him out as a "bad actor" and has called for him to be relieved of his professional credentials by the state. Our purpose isn't to get into all of that, but we figured we'd dip into the GL Hard Drive Photo Archive and dig out some photos of actual Scaranos. This is just a small and selective sampling (the main criteria being that we were able to find them easily), and clearly, many of the buildings are under construction. Nonetheless, we thought this little Brooklyn Tour de Scarano might be enjoyable to readers that haven't kept up with the coverage. For the record, we don't mind No. 2 at 88 Conselyea, though this is not a statement about what neighbors might have been subjected to during the construction. We're only talking about the design. In any case, the buildings above are as follows:

1. Finger Building, Williamsburg.
2. 88 Conselyea, Williamsburg.
3. 66 N. 1st Street, Williamsburg.
4. Carroll Gardens Hell Building, Carroll Street, Carroll Gardens.
5. The Bunker, Bond Street, Carroll Gardens/Gowanus.
6. 231 16th Street, South Slope.



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