Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Number Two Problem on Bergen Street

We're not sure what to make of all this, except that sidewalks with dog byproduct are bad enough, but coming outside to find, um, human waste, is even worse. Hey, it's New York City and it's Brooklyn and all that, but we still noticed this series of emails from residents in Boerum Hill. We'd seen some earlier about car windows being smashed, but these really caught our eye:
Last night somebody pooped inside our street level gate. We have a hedge so they were somewhat shielded from sight. We plan to increase the wattage of our outdoor light and leave it on all night. We are on Bergen between Hoyt and Bond, closer to Bond. Although a disgusting nuisance, it doesn't compare to recent muggings and window-smashings on the block. Still, I wanted to give neighbors a heads-up.
To which came this response:
The same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. Yes it is a smaller nuisance but still a problem. I am located on Pacific close to Nevins. I have a light and it is on all night, so it was not a deterrent. I suppose the perpetrator was looking for a little privacy afforded in some our front yards.
And this:
Happened to us a couple of years ago...they did it in our basement apartment alcove. Add it to the list of annoyances like having garbage cans stolen, Compact Fluorescent bulbs stolen from our outdoor lights (got the next door neighbors' too), and having the hot dog cart guys dump their garbage in front of our house, a couple of days ago someone dumped a load of old clothing in front of our house. Human dumps are definitely the grossest though.
And this:
Add us to the human poop club. We're on Kane off of Thompkins, and someone did it in the same place. The bigger shock was that it happened about 3pm. It wasn't there when I left to pick the kids up at school. Half an hour later or so - surprise! Knock wood we haven't had the other annoyances, except from the "frat house" next door to us.
There you have it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naturally, if anyone gets a photo of these poopstuffs I will be delighted to feature them. Be sure to include an address or cross streets.


10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

about a month ago I had to chase a young drunken newly minted college boy type from shitty op the doorstep of my neighbor's house in Williamsburg! (Northside). When the neighborhood was poorer and not hip this crap never happened..but now Williamsburg has been infested with these spoiled drunken drugged up post college white kids who think they can come to Williamsburg get fucked up and literally shit anywhere. Its like it has become a stink hole of drugs booze and shit in their kakhis or 7evens scene that killed the east village. They should get so drunk they get mugged in BK and that will send them running back to Manhattan. They can crap on the streets of their youth, the UES. They are the foulest rudest sort.

11:19 AM  

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