Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thor Shows Its Stuff in Coney Island

Thor Summer 2007
[Photo courtesy of lexacor/flickr]

The sharp eyes and lens of lexacor caught this image of a "Thor Summer 2007" t-shirt in Coney Island on Mermaid Parade Day. While anti-Thor forces used the day to protest Thor's plans in Coney, the developer had a presence too. Thor sent in the parade's only bona fide marching band, the Highsteppers from East New York, to march among the semi-dressed mermaids and other interestingly costumed participants. We believe that's the front of the "Thor Summer 2007" t-shirt in the photo below, which we retrieved from our overflowing Mermaid Parade folder.

Mermaid Parade High Steppers

CONEY ISLAND BONUS: For those that are interested, tonight is Thor's "Town Hall Meeting" in Coney Island at which it will be making a presentation of its plan. It will take place at 7PM at United Community Baptist Church, which is located at 2701 Mermaid Avenue.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jobs! Housing! Beach volleyball!

11:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Didn't anyone else notice THOR's VIP area just north of the giant water slide? A tent with a bunch of tables, chairs, and a few port-a-johns behind the temporary wall.

1:37 PM  

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