Sunday, July 15, 2007

Check Out the Fort Greene Hot Dog Cookoff & BARC Fundraiser

The emails about the The Great Hot Dog Cookoff on July that is also a fundraiser for the BARC Shelter in Williamsburg landed in a number of inboxes including ours. The event will take place on July 28 in a Fort Greene backyard, and proceeds will go to benefit the Williamsburg organization that helps many animals and is a no-kill shelter. It's for hot dog cooking artists and for people who want to eat a ton of them. The sponsor writes:
It's a goofy event, but people seem to really get into it. Last year people brought deep fryers, smothered dogs in pesto, topped dogs with buffalo wing sauce, all sorts of creative takes on the classic hot dog. Details on the event are up at

We're still accepting entries for chefs, and selling tickets online (no tickets will be sold at the door.) A $15 ticket/donation gets a guest all you can eat hot dogs and beer, and proceeds will go to the shelter. It's a family and vegetarian friendly event too!
The event takes place from 3PM to 8PM and there are two categories of hot dogs: regular & "twisted." According to the website:
The Classic Dog category is the primary category. This is for hot dogs on a bun. You can use different versions of a hot dog, but no sausages. The Twisted Dog category is the side category. This is for sausages, chorizo, franks & beans, dessert dogs, etc. Basically for hot dogs served in non-traditional ways (off a bun) and for things that are hot-dog-like, but not necessarily dogs.
A fun event for one of our favorite local causes.

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