Friday, July 06, 2007

Be the Ready New Yorker of the Month. Or Not.

Brooklyn Hurricane Flooding Map

We are fascinated by those scary maps that show how screwed Brooklyn will be when the Big One--or even the Little One--comes roaring up the East Coast and slams into us. We are toast and, generally speaking, totally unprepared for the destruction and a flooded borough and all of the disruptions that it will entail. So, it is with amusement that we found that the ever-creative people at the Office of Emergency Management are trying a new technique to get us to pay attention. OTBKB notes that they're going to be recognizing the "Ready New Yorker of the Month" and you can apply online for the honor. We are dubious about this strategy if the maps have failed to scare the stuffing out of everyone, but here's what they say:
Calling all Ready New Yorkers! Are you prepared for an emergency? If so, OEM wants to hear your story. Explain how you got through any type of emergency or how you plan to combat any disaster that comes your way. Inspire other New Yorkers to get prepared by sharing your story of preparedness on the OEM website.
We would urge OEM to select a Ready Brooklynite of the Month, a Ready Manhattanite of the Month, a Ready Staten Islander of the Month, etc. Or, if they really want to go local, a Ready Brighton Beacher of the Month, Ready Park Sloper of the Month, etc.

Of course, if you're like most people and you think a Go Bag is special picnic assortment from Fairway, you can check here to find out what one is. We don't have one either, but we do have one of those crank-up radios so we can listen to how much trouble we're in without batteries or electricity. Now, go ahead and insert your "Ready New Yorker of the Month" joke here.



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Hey, that useful map isn't clickable at all - Flickr first made me create an account to view it and then told me it was a private image. Could someone please fix? Thanks!

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