Friday, July 06, 2007

Coney Island Rumor Mill: Is Mr. Sitt Trying to Buy Part of Wonder Wheel Park?

This is simply a rumor on the Coney Island Message Board. Repeat, this is simply a rumor. Yet, it makes so much sense that it is a compelling one:
I heard from a very good source while having a drink at Ruby's Bar that Thor is negotiating with the landlord of the Wonder Wheel Park to buy the land where the kiddie park is. I'm told that the brothers only own the land from the Wonder Wheel back to the bowery...What will this mean for the near future if it happens, absolutely no rides for the kids in '08? And what will it mean if Thor builds in front of the Wonder Wheel? Could they actually block the Wheel's view of the ocean?

This worries me.
An entity called the Ward Realty Corp. owns the front part of Wonder Wheel Park--basically the boardwalk level where the children's rides are. The rear portion is owned by Wonder Wheel Inc., although the billing address is shown as Ward Realty. (The Wonder Wheel itself is a landmark.) Given that Wonder Wheel Park is the hole in Thor's donut, any possible purchase makes total sense.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this is true when is mr sitt going to start building he just aquires land & then destroys everything in his path we've got to band together 7stop him in his tracks. just look at what he's done with bumper boats, cars batting range & the batting range
look at what he's done with the golf range what a big fat rubber water slide that no one goes on but his workers family 7where in the hell is his circus nothing being done on that site as well. his machines just there
letas get some feedback

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