Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Smith Street Building, During & After

Smith Street 06-07

We find this during and after photo of the Smith Street building that used to house Tirado Income Tax interesting in that we got it with dumpster out front and, then, just recently. Of course, it's not much without a photo from earlier, but it still shows a tiny slice of change on Smith Street over the last twelve months. We've got a slide show of more photos in a post directly above.



Blogger Gary said...

Bob, any idea what's going in there? Also when I clicked on the photo it didn't resize bigger, but led me to Flickr and wasn't a shared photo. I guess I will just have to get out at Bergen and walk from there tonight.

Let's hope that when you do this next year, the building at 360 Smith is not an atrocity.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this isn't working here either. Q: do you have Bayamon Medical Center up yet? if i had to pick one place you might miss, that would be it-- if i'm wrong, then good work.

maybe if you ask around you can get cool photos of what was there BEFORE the bank bldg-- was only 3-4 years ago even. the Last Botanica (on Smith St) was on the ground floor... ya'll DO know where the last social club was, right?

rhetorical point: note how this is a point of interest now & what you have read about it elsewhere (i.e. very very little).

NOW imagine what the people who noticed the changes the whole time have thought & felt. forget any/all arguments for & against radical gentrification, i mean just as the basic ability to recognize things. granted, this "myopia" (let's call it) was going on well before the blogs but boy, did a lot of ya'll fall right into line.


10:03 AM  

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