Friday, August 17, 2007

Circus Marketer Denies Anti-Coney Comments

Someone identifying himself as Cole Bros. Marketing VP Chuck Werner left a comment on GL that we believe is worth highlighting as a full item. You might recall that Mr. Werner is quoted on both Kinetic Carnival and in the Brooklyn View noting that some people might not have come to see the circus in Coney because of fear of crime and lack of parking. Well, Mr. Werner says that someone made up the comments (well, at least the person posting as Mr. Werner does). Here's the comment:
It is interesting to see all the "comments" I made which did not come from my mouth. Is someone advancing their own agenda? Of the thousands of Circus patrons, I heard one comment about parking (prices) from someone who did not know about the KeySpan parking lot. I heard absolutely no comments from patrons or staff about security concerns although we did arrange one security officer for overnight (as we always do at Marine, Forest, Van Cortlandt, Flushing Meadows and Midland Beach Parks. I think the person who saw the "sea of empty seats" may have been looking at the empty baseball stadium. My eyes and our attendance figures tell me Cole Bros. Circus enjoyed good business and a successful engagement and is anxious to return to Coney Island.
Tomorrow's update to follow, we figure.

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