Friday, August 17, 2007

More Thor Plywood in Coney Island?

We haven't seen it with our own eyes or lenses, but it appears that plywood--which has already been applied by Thor Equities to the Henderson's Building and to the old Shore Hotel--has gone up on the old bank building on West 12th Street. That's the report on the Coney Island Message Board. Maybe it's just us, but putting plywood in a lot of windows in Coney Island would seem to be a way to promote a look of abandonment and blight. In addition to being something that would normally be done in advance of sending in bulldozers. With the end of the summer season (sadly) just around the corner, it looks fall and winter will be a time for demolition stories unless some good-faith efforts are made to protect Coney Island until zoning is in place and development agreements are worked out.

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