Friday, August 31, 2007

New Building Putting the Green Back in Greenpoint

Karl Fischer Diamond St Update

Given that we featured a jaw-dropping Gowanus building designed by Karl Fischer earlier this week, we figure this is a good time to have another look at one of the architect's buildings rising on Diamond Street in Greenpoint. (We last checked on it July.) The photo comes from our Greenpoint correspondent. Of the green facade she writes:
I finally placed where I have seen this shade of green before. In the late 70's my dad had an Oldsmobile this color. Its name was Gonzo. When he wanted to get rid of it no one would buy it. My dad ended up donating it to a church and taking a tax-write off.
Should you be in this part of North Brooklyn and wish to see the building for yourself, it's at 130 Diamond Street. We're still hoping the green stuff is temporary, knowing deep down that it's most likely permanent.

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