Friday, August 31, 2007

Spend Time at Hank's with the Freddy's Crew Tonight

[Photo courtesy of dlemieux/flickr]

Ever wonder what it would be like spending time in two possibly doomed bars at once? Tonight's your chance. Via No Land Grab we find that the crew at Freddy's Bar, which sits in the path of Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Yards Project, is taking over Hank's, the bar at Atlantic Avenue at Third Avenue. You might have noticed that Hanks has been sporting a "development site" for sale sign recently--which we've been meaning to photograph and post for some time. This means that Hank's days are limited. The people at Lucid, from whence the info originally came, write:This night is pretty appropriate since both venues’ days are numbered by encroaching luxury housing, [Freddy's] by the Ratso Ratner Atlantic Yards goons while Hank’s owner has put the place up for sale as a “development site” – you know what that means. John Sharples and his jangly crew play around 10 followed by Plastic Beef who will have the nonpareil Erica Smith singing this time, and jam the hell out of everything they touch with some pretty way-out results.Brooklyn drinkers, you know your assignment.



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