Friday, August 31, 2007

A Succulent Wall Grows in Williamsburg

Green Wall One

Have you ever wanted to call a place succulent? Well, now you can. Perhaps you've read about the Green Wall in Williamsburg. It was covered not long after installation in Dwell. Well, we figured we'd post these photos of the exterior wall of the new Williamsburg bar called Oulu, which is on N. 4th Street (west of Bedford) and named after a coastal town in northern Finland. The wall, which consists of trays of succulents comes, in part, from Marni Horwitz (who has been active trying to promote the idea of a green roof for the Gowanus Whole Foods). She wrote in an email:
I organized and installed this Green Wall project with the help of architect Evangeline Dennie, LEED AP, the company Green Living Technologies.
Dwell filled in more detail:
The succulents are planted in 35 or so panels of soil, each less than three inches thick, which are screwed to the wall. A hidden watering system gives them a steady spritz. A living wall can easily be planted on a residential fa├žade, Marni says, at a cost of about $50 a square foot. Interior walls are roughly $30 more per square foot because they contain tropical plants, which are more expensive.
You should check it out on your next wander around the Burg. It's quite the look.

Green Wall Three

Green Wall Two

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Blogger Blair Mastbaum said...

I feel sorry for those plants.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't ... they are loved and nurtured and I am sure that they are enjoyed immensely!

2:18 PM  

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