Friday, August 31, 2007

Upcoming: Get Poopy at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble

No, we're not talking about what goes on in the restrooms downstairs at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble on Seventh Avenue at the changing tables. (Though an incredible amount of it goes on.) We're talking about a reading in the store next Wednesday at 7:30 by Dave Praeger, who is the author of Poop Culture. We've posted a couple of tidbits from the book before (like here and here), given that, uh, crap-related issues are part and parcel of our territory since Gowanus is in our name. Mr. Praeger emailed to say that he's been in New Dehli for some time and has been doing some fascinating addtional research:
I met with an organization called Sulabh international that strives to provide sanitation to the hundreds of millions of people across the subcontinent. One of the things I'm going to discuss at the reading is the future of sanitary infrastructures in both the developing and the developed world -- contrasting New York with New Delhi, including the problems with the Gowanus.
Now, is that an author who knows how to get our attention, or what? In any case, check out Mr. Praeger's reading and discussion next Wed. (9/5) at 7:30.

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