Monday, August 06, 2007

Williamsburg's Giglio Church Building Still Very Busy on Sunday

Remember that building at 525 Union Avenue, whose Sunday work has been tormenting parishioners at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Williamsburg? (That's the church that runs the Giglio Feast every year.) There are active complaints against the building for Sunday work, but nothing has been done to stop the noisy construction work that parishioners have complained interferes with Sunday services. The building had been quiet for a few Sundays. Well, we stopped by yesterday to take some pics of some very impressive tagging on a new wall on the building. Lo and behold, we heard loud banging coming from inside the building, saw workers climbing around the building and, even, a generator truck parked outside with power lines running inside. We don't know if the work started after mass or was ongoing during mass, because the video we shot that appears here was around 6:00 PM. Ironically, today's Post suggests that that Department of Buildings is "cracking down" on Williamsburg developments violating city regulations by issuing an increased number of Stop Work Orders.

525 Union Construction

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