Friday, September 21, 2007

Department of Buildings Triathlon, Event 1: Late Night Concrete Pour

271 Nassau BIS

Wonder why people get insane about developments and the city's lack of response? Try this little story, which was posted on newyorkshitty--which does a superb job of chronicling construction, safety and quality of life issues that should be of interest to a certain city agency. Here you go:
Since 9:30 p.m. a cement mixer & a pump truck have been operating 3 houses away from me. Condo going up at 271 Nassau Ave (at Sutton St). Lights in my window & noise of a FUCKING CEMENT TRUCK. It’s now almost 11pm. I called 311 & reported the perps to both DOB & DEP. No variance posted, of course. We all know what good will come of my report. Motherfuckers.
Call us dense, but how can one investigate after-hours work days later? Small wonder that most such complaints result in "no evidence" being found of the work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This paradox of prosperity in New York City is driving us all crazy. It is not possible to instantaneously respond to every work afterhours complaint that comes in on any given day/night. There is a backlog of such complaints. What needs to be added to the BIS is the Variance List so th public can tell if the property has obtained a variance. If they have, there's nothng an inspector could do anyway.

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