Sunday, September 16, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: I Got a Summons, You Didn't

This week's Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection comes to us from Bushwick. It's got a certain something:
mckibbin lofts roof party the cops broke up - w4m - 22

NYU Philosophy student! I was talking to you on the upper roof deck Friday night. I threw a beer can before climbing down. I'm a girl (duh), shortish brown hair, recent Columbia grad, trying to be a writer. The fucking cops got me and I had to follow them downstairs to get my bullshit summons. You seemed nice and I thought you were cute. You must be smart too, cause you got away from the goddamn police. Email me!
We usually only pick one Missed Connection a week, but we're going to toss in this runner up. We didn't select it because it's not strictly a Missed Connection, but it did get a ha ha out of us:
Alexei the Russian who I found passed out on a car... - w4m

I lent you some shoes after I took you home and let you sleep on my couch. You had no idea where you lived, and already had your shoes, watch, and phone stolen...I was a good samaritan...GIVE ME MY SHOES BACK!!!!!

You were supposed to call me and arrange to drop them off...

And, now, we are complete.

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