Monday, September 17, 2007

Greenpoint Development Improves Neighborhood

149 Newell Crop

The image upon which you are gazing is 149 Newell Street, which is in Greenpoint near McGuinness Boulevard. It was taken and filed by our Greenpoint correspondent, who noted that this lovely structure is doing wonders for the quality of life on the block. "This place has been derelict for months," she write. "Could you imagine having to look at this eyesore every day? Looking at that gutter just hanging there unnerves me to no end. YIKES!" The building has left a trail of complaints at the Department of Buildings, the most recent of which is just a few days old. It complains of "inadequate suspension scaffold" and "cable and ropes hanging" and that "contractors are building condominiums and the site is abandoned. Left abandoned about several months ago." The property is owned by Green Real Estate Development and the building permit expired in June.

149 Newell Interior

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