Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is Le Bleu En Retarde Until October 17?

[Photo courtesy of mrthespy/flickr]

It can't be, can it? Hotel Chatter reported that Le Bleu, the Gowanus hotel on Fourth Avenue with the white-and-blue themed interiors, glass showers and industrial neighborhood views, would be open around October 1. It described the vistas as follows:
As for those views, half the rooms do have a glimpse of the slimy Gowanus Canal and a sweeping panorama of U-Haul filled parking lots. From the higher floors, though, you also get the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. (Not available from Manhattan hotel rooms.)
When we glanced at the Le Bleu website, we found they're not accepting reservations until October 17. (We have seen that online calendar shift around many, many times since July, when the hotel was originally slated to open.) There are apparently issues with getting city inspections completed, although there has been some ongoing work on the building. (The video above was posted by Hotel Chatter. You can see pics of Rm. 602 here.) Construction, in fact, will continue on the rooftop restaurant, which won't be open for months. See from a distance from the back, the top floor still shows yellow wallboard, so there may be some work ahead.

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