Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Williamsburg After-Hours Construction

We looked up on Union Avenue on Sunday to find workers at 525 Union Avenue climbing up the scaffolding and the sounds of power saws, hammering and other construction noise emanating from within. This is only interesting in that 525 Union's Sunday work had been tormenting parishioners at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and has been an issue before. We have a short vid here, made at about 10:45AM on Sunday. The Department of Buildings dismissed one complaint saying it "found no construction activity upon inspection" and has one open complaint from May on the after-hours work issue. (Hint to DOB: Show up on any Sunday after about 10:45 AM). If you're there around 11:00 AM, you can get a nice juxtaposition of church bells and construction noise. Call it the Concerto for Bells, Hammers and Saws.

525 Union Sunday Morning

LABOR DAY LABOR BONUS: We don't know about Williamsburg, but there were a lot of reports of construction work being done on Labor Day in the South Slope, which offers irony, if nothing else. Reports were circulated in emails of work being done at 406 15th Street, 23 Caton Place and 599 Fourth Avenue (AKA the Olive Garden Building). The Department of Buildings apparently confirmed that work is allowed from 7AM-6PM, Monday through Friday, even on the Labor Day holiday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magic Johnson's Crew were busy making all sorts of racket for the enjoyment of myself and my fellow Green Streeters yesterday.

Which is why I decided to spend the afternoon in Manhattan.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was some activity in the building on the south end of McCarren Park, at the corner of Bayard and Lorimer. I know because I was catcalled in a pretty awful way by the workers, who had the advantage of being several stories above me. So much for a lazy Labor Day Monday in the park ...

4:46 PM  

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