Monday, September 10, 2007

Nanny Briefly Loses Child in Prospect Park Playground

A GL reader forwarded us an email last night about a Park Slope nanny that lost a child in the Ninth Street Playground in Prospect Park. Apparently, a nanny lost track of a child in the playground on Friday and created general panic and a search. The first word circulating in the neighborhood was that the child was abducted. It turned out the child had wandered off:
[The nanny] took her eyes off the child (not sure why and don't want to speculate) and the child wandered off. She started running around searching for the child and calling out. Other parents saw what was happening and called the police. In the end they found the child in a tunnel safe and sound. The police took the nanny and child with them (presumably to call the parents) since they had responded to an "incident". Both nanny and child were safe though shaken up by the whole incident.
An earlier email, also drawn from the Nanny News Channel, had talked about a "possible child abduction" in the park. Specifically:
I don't want to an alarmist, but my nanny tells me a 4 YO was abducted yesterday (Friday) from the 9th street playground, around 12:30 PM. She said the playground was subsequently filled with police and helicopters were overhead. Does anybody have any info about this?
The child apparently was found in a play area "tunnel."

[Photo courtesy brianwood/flickr]

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