Friday, September 21, 2007

The New Carroll Gardens-Red Hook-Park Slope Street Cleaning Plan

That new street cleaning plan for the territory covered by Community Board 6--which includes Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Red Hook and Carroll Gardens--has been announced. Twice a week street cleaning is being eliminated in places that had it, and the three-hour time period for sweeping is being narrowed to 90 minutes. Plain English: Once a week, 90 minute street cleaning. This should all necessitate some lifestyle changes among those that have built routines around alternate side of the street parking. Here's a bit from the release:
The new plan will result in a uniform set of once-a-week, 90-minute sweeping regulations per curb on typical residential streets throughout the district, which includes Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. Currently, the entire district has three-hour street cleaning regulations that are once a week in some neighborhoods, and twice a week in others.

The plan also provides additional cleaning along commercial corridors like Court Street, Smith Street, 5th, 7th, Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues which will now be swept six times a week in non-overlapping half-hour segments.

"We are finally getting once a week street cleaning throughout the entire district," said Hammerman, who has been meeting with the DSNY in recent years to reach an agreement on the plan. "That means the DSNY is making the 'pilot' reduction area in Park Slope permanent, and expanding it to the whole district."
The plan will be implemented in a "matter of months." Listen for the sound of people used to moving their cars from, say, 8AM-11AM, getting ready to move them back at 9:30AM instead. Wow.


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