Thursday, September 06, 2007

Play at Proteus Gowanus

It's been a while since we noted any of the goings on at Proteus Gowanus, the "interdisciplinary reading room and gallery" on the Gowanus, so we're happy to note the opening reception on Friday (9/14) from 6PM-9PM for a year-long exhibit called "Play." Proteus emails:
It is with great excitement that we launch our 2007/2008 interdisciplinary theme “Play” at Proteus Gowanus. This year we will explore the versatile meanings of “Play,” investigating its history and future as the bedrock of culture; its regenerative power as the creative basis of every discipline and as the spark that ignites the child’s imagination; and its darker role in our entertainment-obsessed culture. The exhibit will include an array of play-related art, artifacts, objects, books and events. Check our website for details. The exhibit will unfold over the course of the year generated by suggestions of visitors to the gallery, a growing number of “PG Correspondents,” and by the rich interdisciplinary resources of nine collaborating non-profit organizations.
If you haven't been to Proteus Gowanus, which is located at 543 Union Street (at the corner of Nevins; the entrance is actually on Nevins), it's worth a stop on one of your Gowanus rambles. There is a gallery space and a charmingly quirky Museum of Matches and Cold War Room. More info about all at the Proteus website.

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