Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Construction Fun #2: N. 5th Street Edition

Here is 90 N. 5th Street in Williamsburg at about 11:30 yesterday morning. While it's on an industrial block, we'll note that people live about a half-block away. Six complaints about the building have been lodged with the Department of Buildings, some having to do with--you guessed it--work after-hours and on weekends. Back in March, the Department did issue a Stop Work Order based on illegal after-hours work. However, on June 30, after another complaint about after-hours work, a Department inspection didn't find a problem. GL, however, found working going on yesterday morning. We will note that we didn't go looking for it. It was so loud that we heard it from a block-and-a-half way on N. 6th Street and decided to go have a look at what the awful noise (that sounded like a super-loud gunshots) was. Turned out to be construction work at 90 N. 5th. The building will be a five-story condo with 23 units. The architectural firm: Scarano Architects.

50 N 9th Sunday Work

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