Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thor Extending Some Coney Leases for 2008: Astroland Saved?

Thor Equities and developer Joe Sitt are said to have offered leases for the 2008 season to some Coney Island businesses. The development was reported yesterday on the Save Coney Island MySpace page and is reported in today's papers. Jotham Sederstrom has coverage in today's Daily News:
It may not be the last ride for Astroland after all.

Coney Island mega-developer Thor Equities yesterday made an eleventh-hour deal to let a string of popular Coney Island Boardwalk vendors stay through next summer - and the owners of the historic Astroland amusement park hope they will be next.

"This makes me even more hopeful," said Astroland owner Carol Hill Albert, who shuttered the 45-year-old amusement park Sept. 9 but is still pushing for a deal to let her stay through next summer.

Albert, who sold the property to Thor last year, said the developer this week backed off its demand for $3 million in rent for next summer.
The statement posted last night on the Save Coney website says:
Coney Island will continue to Amaze and Astound in 2008!!


Fantastic news!!

Many of the businesses in Coney Island including Lola Staar, Ruby's and Cha Cha's were told by Thor Equities that they would be offered an Agreement for the summer 2008 season!! It is not confirmed but it looks as though Thor Equities is also still negotiating with Astroland to allow them to remain open in Coney Island for the 2008 season as well.

This is tremendous news! It means that this past summer was not the last summer of Coney Island as we know it!!

Long live Coney Island!!
There had been rumors that Thor would be making an announcement of some kind before the end of the week.



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