Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Waiting for the Atlantic Yards Ombudsman

The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods held a press conference yesterday to note that the ombudsman promised by the state to oversee the Atlantic Yards development has not been forthcoming. The ombudsman was supposed to be on his/her way after problems like the parapet collapse in April at the Ward Bakery. Therese Urban, who co-chairs the CBN said that "We find it extremely troubling that the ESDC allowed our community just 66 days to review and comment upon the 4,000-page Atlantic Yards Environmental Impact Statement and General Project Plan, yet with twice that amount of time they haven’t been able to find an ombudsman. We are waiting for the ESDC to fulfill its promise.”

Here are links to coverage of the event and the issue:
[Photo courtesy of Atlantic Yards Report]



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