Monday, October 15, 2007

Check Out "Kensington, Brooklyn Heartland" on Forgotten NY

Kensington Brooklyn Heartland

Forgotten New York takes a long and interesting look at Kensington this week. Webmaster Kevin Walsh, who consistently produces one of the most compelling websites detailing New York neighborhoods, delves into Kensington's past and present. Here's a sample tidbit:
Some Kensingtonians may wonder why Church Avenue becomes a 6-lane behemoth between East 5th and East 7th Street, crossing Ocean Parkway. I had originally thought, several years ago, that it was in order to accommodate the extra traffic from the Prospect Expressway, which begins, or ends, depending on your POV, at Church Avenue. The real answer is because Church Avenue widened here to accommodate a trolley tunnel that conveniently ran cars under the busy parkway. Church Avenue's trolley, the #8, later the #35, was one of the last remaining Brooklyn trolleys, hanging in there till 1956.
Definitely read up on Kensington.



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