Thursday, October 18, 2007

City Inaction in Action: The Curious Case of 143 Huron

143 Huron Work

Anyone that reads GL probably has a sense that Greenpont is one of the frontier areas of development and construction in New York City, a sort of Wild Western Edge of Brooklyn where virtually anything goes and the Department of Buildings seemingly fears to tread. Anyone that wants to read up, can head over to this item on New York Shitty about 143 Huron Street, a development that is subjecting its neighbors to construction at all hours. The building has logged 23 complaints at the Department of Buildings, some of which have resulted in violations and, even, a short-lived Stop Work Order. The neighbors, however, say they're suffering for days on end from loud construction work late into the night. When it happens, they say, there is utterly no timely response from the Department of Buildings, the city agency whose job it is to enforce laws meant to protect their quality of life and safety.

Here are some excerpts from an email from our Greenpoint correspondent:
Do you wanna know what time it is at 143 Huron? Wander around and BEAT A HAMMER ON SHEET METAL TIME!!! Right now they are standing in a circle watching the leader/alpha male beat the metal with a stick. And I am watching them and seething in impotent rage.

Words cannot describe how much I hate these people. Yesterday the contractors for the MTA fired everything up at 7 a.m., which is their right under the law. Next 157 Green decided to do a little work. Permit-less, until 7:00 p.m. That is against the law. 143 Huron worked until 9:30 p.m. This too, is against the law. That makes 14 1/2 hours of of non-stop noise.
She continues:
You can see (and hear) these assholes breaking the law plain as day and know full well nothing is going to be done about it...I am totally convinced [they have] enough connections to motivate the DOB to turn a blind eye to what they're doing. How else can you explain their outrageous conduct?
GL Analysis:
We do have a possible alternate explanation: the dangerous intersection of incompetence, a predisposition at the uppermost levels of city government to allow development to move forward regardless of collateral damage and a misallocation of resources that leaves the department dangerously short-handed. Whether it's influence peddling, incompetence or worse, however, this sort of callous failure to protect a community under seige by a number of developments is nothing short of a fundamental failure of both bureaucrats and elected officials. Even worse, 143 Huron is not an isolated case of how the system is failing. It is a very common scenario that can be found across Brooklyn from Greenpoint to Gravesend and Bay Ridge to Brighton Beach.

143 Huron DOB

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

call 311 and tell them you smell gas. The DOB will be there immediately.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say fuck 311 and go at it a more creative way. Do something that pisses them off. Shoot bottle rockets at the site or paint balls. What are they going to do? Call the police? Then they're calling the police on themselves. Get creative people. Fuck with them.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First - I hope you realize that 311 is not designed to help you but to drive you nuts and as just another layer of cover for the useless City bureaucracy.
Secondly although I totally understand and feel for those who are being abused in Greenpoint. I have to say that the "Wild West" of Construction is not limited to one place. It is constantly evolving and moving. Again to protect the Criminals.
Just check out 16 Street in the South Slope. As just one ex: 162 16th had about 100 complaints (Maybe more), many Violations and stop work orders. They started work at 6AM. Worked till 9PM. On weekends and holidays (Except the Jewish ones of course). They worked through stop work orders. Even impersonating DOB, and Police officials to facilitate the continued illegal work. All the same stuff that is going on in Greenpoint, and more.
What was done. Nothing. The DOB actually worked with the slime ball Developer (Isaac Katan) to cover-up all the illegal work.
What this City needs is a good class action law suit against it by all the tax payers who have been abused to facilitate all of this illegal work.

3:28 PM  

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